How To 2-3x Your Digital-Services Business With Digital Growth Ops

If you’re: 

  • ✅ A bootstrapped founder with a strong track record 

  • ✅ Running a remote team of 5-50 people 

  • ✅ Offering digital services to your clients

  • ✅ Desiring to be irrelevant in the day-to-day of the business and be involved mostly in strategy and deal-making 

  • ✅ Wanting to double or even triple your revenue without doubling your time… 

… you need to grow and operate your business with a level of certainty and avoid mistakes that can cost you and your team significant heartaches and costs down the line. 

In today’s economy, to grow bootstrapped digital-services business, you DON’T need to: 

  • ⛔️ Hire an expensive CMO or CRO 

  • ⛔️ Find a perfect certified “implementer” 

  • ⛔️ Develop some grand and elaborate sales hunting strategy… 

What you DO need is: 

  1. Exact clarity of what you’re building and where you want to go

  2. Solid development of your core company operations and operating KPIs

  3. Digital Growth Operators that understand all aspects of your business, from marketing to operations to fulfillment, and synchronize all moving parts while leading the team to success

Here’s the big reveal that most business operations franchises, consultants, and “experts” don’t want you to believe:  

Digital Growth Ops is a skill, and everyone on your team can embrace it. 

(Yes, even you… it’s not as hard as they want you to think). 

Digital Growth Operators act like owners… 

They’re both strategic and tactical

They can see the big picture and can execute on the granular… 

They can sit at the executive table and also deploy strategy in the trenches alongside the team. 

Just having a “someone manage my operations” (as some of my clients have put it) won’t cut it because you need someone with the skills that can: 

  • Drive change and optimize for growth, not just optimizing for the status quo 

  • Execute revenue-generating activities 

  • Develop and apply business strategy

  • Understand risk and the grit required to bootstrap a business to take flight against the wind 

  • Make tough decisions and empower others to make them as well 

In my experience helping 2-5x digital-service businesses (scroll down for proof), the biggest hindrance to growth wasn’t: 

  • The growth strategy… 

  • A refined sales process… 

  • Solid product offering… 

The biggest hindrance was (and still is) the lack of solid Digital Growth Operators that can:

  1. Continually design and build the business’ foundation 

  2. Orchestrate the team toward growth consistently 

  3. Streamline fulfillment and help deepen client relationships (aka CLTV) over time… 

Remember: these skills are learnable.  

You and your team CAN learn this 1 of 2 ways: 

The first is to continue down the path you’re in and pick up the experience and skills along the way. 

You may continue to feel: 

  • Stuck and frustrated with the lack of clarity and chaos of things falling through the cracks

  • Fear that growing your business will just mean more work for you and bring more headaches with your team

  • Unsure of your next strategic move

You will thrive this way…eventually

It will just require a lot of your time to train and develop your team while you work to grow the business… 

(I know because I’ve done that) 

Or you can accelerate your growth and your team’s learning curve by developing the Digital Growth Ops skills. 

If you want to level up your Digital Growth Ops and 2-3x your business… 

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Hi 👋🏼 I’m Raul, and I: 

🚫 Don’t have an MBA

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🚫 Didn’t take some online courses or franchise training that automatically “authorizes” me to teach you… 

I’m just a bootstrapped digital entrepreneur that has: 

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✔ Helped generate millions in revenue online (plus have overseen $22M+ in marketing ad spend online) 

I’m a Digital Growth Operator.

Digital Growth Operators are focused on:

✅ A holistic overview of business design, strategic priorities, and product expansion 

✅ Ongoing growth through optimization and process improvement 

✅ Team design and hiring, and developing talent

✅ Revenue generation and increasing CLTV  

✅ Client fulfillment and retention 

I created the Digital Growth Ops Substack Community to 

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An Important Note About Putting In The Work

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